About us

Who we are

We are Fathers. We are Mothers. We are Stepfathers. We are Stepmothers. We are Sons. We are Daughters. We are Grandmothers. We are Grandfathers. We are world citizens.

Our Sons and our Daughters are too precious to leave them to their mercy. They are our future. We are fighting on their behalf for their physical and psychological sanity.

Who is JUNO?

Juno is the Goddess of marriage and childbirth. The name Juno was also once thought to be connected to Love: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juno_(mythology)

About the JUNO Movement

Every year millions of children are physically, sexually and psychologically abused by a parent within high-conflict families; however, until recently there has been insufficient means for mental health and courts of law to definitively distinguish the abuse, as there are often UNSEEN WOUNDS.

Per an American Psychological Association study and press release, “Children who are emotionally abused and neglected face similar and sometimes worse mental health problems as children who are physically or sexually abused, yet psychological abuse is rarely addressed” and psychological abuse is “the most challenging and prevalent form of child abuse”.

Children often suffer with high Adverse Childhood Experiences through the process of high-conflict divorce.

The rates of allegations of abuse within high-conflict divorce are high and often include was has been identified as Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS), which has created high-conflict within mental health and the courts of law, as PAS was not defined using standard constructs of psychology and is a poor model of the family dynamic.

Fortunately, an outsider from PAS followed the leadership of mental health and set out to properly define PAS or “parental alienation” ONLY using existing accepted peer-reviewed constructs of psychology and his name is Dr. Craig Childress.  Using Dr. Childress’ model of “parental alienation”, a properly trained mental health professional can differentiate between false allegations of abuse and authentic child psychological abuse, which can bring an end to children being abused from ALL forms of abuse and the required healing to families.

Dr. Childress has solved “parental alienation” with a definitive diagnosis. We need to bring this awareness to ALL to stop the abuse of children and confusion surrounding high-conflict families and the way we bring forth awareness is with knowledge.

Why do we need the Juno-Movement?

The targeted parents in the US have already become warriors and they are doing many things to fight for the children, check them out here: http://www.targetedparent.com/

The Juno warriors from around the world have joined the US warriors on the battle field.

We are fight united against the ignorance on our mission to recover the lost children & to recover the lost Love.