Support Groups

For targeted parents aka the warriors:

We will list here Parental Alienation and Juno Support groups information. Please feel free to inform us about a newly created local Parental Alienation or JUNO group that you wish to be listed on our site.

PA Awareness:

Parental Alienation Support Groups:


Germany & Austria:


Finland, Norway, Sweden:

Juno Facebook Groups:

Following countries have a Juno Group on Facebook:

Juno-Switzerland, Juno-Germany, Juno-Slovakia, Juno-Spain, Juno-Canada, Juno-UK, Juno-Italy, Juno-Netherlands, Juno-South Africa, Juno-Australia, Juno-Ireland, Juno-France, Juno-Russia, Juno-Greece and Juno-Mexico.

If your country doesn’t have a Juno-Group, you can contact us, we will help you to open a Juno-Group in your country.