Our Mission

What is our goal?

We want to stop “parental alienation”, we want to expose the “trauma pathogen”, we want to fight against the ignorance, we want to show the immense suffering and pain to the world so we will be able to release our pain and move on to a path of healing. We want to recover all children and to recover the love.

The Team of Erasingfamily.org is in the production of documentary to film the tragic stories of many families in many countries:

Millions of children are systematically converted into hostages by the family court system after their parents separate. Years can pass before children can see parents, siblings, and extended family. These lost family bonds create irreparable harm and rob children of their identities. It is one of the largest public health crises in modern times, but it does not receive attention because it is considered a normal part of divorce.

Our documentary Erasing Family will change this perception by shining a light on the most helpless victims of divorce courts: children.

The driving force of our film will not be interviews with experts or statistics but the experiences of young people as they seek out the truth, focusing on the investigation into their own cases. For years these were manipulated and lied to, being told that their mom or dad did not want them, or was unfit to care for them. As they become “aware”, and recognize the forces that caused them to suffer by erasing a loving parent, they will untangle the web of family court corruption, outdated ideologies and government subsidies that prolong family conflict.

Please visit their page and support their project if you can: http://erasingfamily.org/index.php/the-project/